About Us

Lincoln Elementary School has an ongoing tradition of academic excellence. We celebrate all
cultures and languages. The school population consists of students, faculty and staff with rich
multicultural and ethnically diverse backgrounds. The students, parents, staff and community work
together to ensure success for all students.
Our mission at Lincoln is to challenge, inspire and support our students to prepare them for college
and career. Together the staff and community of Lincoln Elementary School are dedicated to
provide a safe environment, a powerful engaging curriculum, emphasizing high standards that will
empower all students to become motivated, successful and lifelong learners.
Our faculty and staff at Lincoln believe all students have the opportunity to have a positive
experience in their education so that they become successful and significant members of the world
in which they live.
Our staff is dedicated to the academic success of our students. We are fortunate to have many
experienced and knowledgeable teachers eager to make a difference for our students. Lincoln
Elementary provides comprehensive instructional programs that are student centered focusing on
the student holistically.
Lincoln Elementary School prides itself in involving the parents and community members in every
aspect of our school. We are very proud of our fine traditions and school pride at Lincoln
Elementary School.